I see I have a lot of traffic still coming to this site. Sorry to disappoint, I will no longer post updates or excerpts from my book. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal the new book title, website, and social media accounts on here. This brings me to the ultimate reason why. Among the high traffic this site is receiving is Kimberly Ross – the same stalker who posed as her “sister” and made a false claim of bullying from this site. Anyway, months and incident reports with Mecklenburg County later, she still stalks me, and visits this site multiple times a day to read the same posts over and over. The data doesn’t lie. Even her sidekick has stopped with the bs. She just keeps going. The full story is explained throughout the posts that still remain. My more personal posts have been removed due to harassment. The following shows recent (...)

Cyberbullying? Who Hurt You? (Part Three)

Here’s another piece of the review Kim posted online: “My sister got into a dispute via twitter with the ex finance of her current boyfriend. After a hurtful comment was made by this woman concerning my sister losing her child due to a mental break down”. Incorrect! The comment about her killing the baby was made AFTER she decided to involve herself by interrupting with tweets about something not concerning  her.  This is the point at which Kim found it necessary to get involved with her tweets. ~*Sigh*~  My beef with one had become two.   She has since deleted her tweets. Figures, right? It’s ok, because I’ve got her covered; Screenshots and I also get notifications in my email when people mention me on Twitter. She went on to say, “She also posted my sisters first and last name as well as her email address.” She emailed me again after I said (...)

Cyberbullying? Who Hurt You? (Part Two)

The review I received about my site states: “However, last month my sister sent this woman an email, apologizing for ger behavior and trying to defend her character.” (source: Kim Ross/ supposed sister) Here’s the beginning of this “apology”: Well now… we already know how this nut job found my site. It’s outlined (here) BUSTED! This is not the start of an apology email. This psycho said I have a 3 part rant about HER on matters I have no clue about? HaHaHa! Ok, as most of you have read by now, this is the start of my 3 part rant: These posts are about someone who I once knew. Clearly she cannot read. The matters she claims I have no clue about is the fact I was betrayed by someone I used to know, it clearly states that. So this Kim person, someone who I don’t know feels the need to (...)

Cyberbullying? Who Hurt You? (Part One)

I had nothing to do with your ass since October 5th. Why the hell would you be on my Twitter going through my timeline on, November 6th? Here’s what I know for a fact: You read a tweet I posted to a friend, went to his Twitter page, and onto his followers, and you located my new account. Then, you accessed my website by clicking the “t.co” on my profile. BITCH, I DON’T KNOW YOU! Why are you cyberstalking me? Why the hell do you need to go to a site in which you weren’t invited. Like damn! Let me guess, according to Kim I don’t have the facts. Oh (...)

All Respect Is Lost (Updated)

The following is my original post from August 9,2016: Reflecting on an earlier phone call. I’ve lost respect for two individuals. The shortened version of this sick story: This dude got a chick pregnant. She decides to get rid of the baby- by reckless actions, not abortion. Not that abortion would be a better choice.  So, I have no idea why the fuck he decided to tell me this. I personally have a history with recurrent miscarriage, most definitely not the same. I truly hope he is smart enough to know the difference. Secondly, I have a family member who attempted to kill her two daughters by smothering them with pillows. Third, I know someone whose sister is in a SC prison for breaking her child’s neck. I have absolutely no respect for people, especially women, who harm babies. The person who was telling me this story went on to (...)

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